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Top 10 Healthiest Countries in the World in 2023

Healthiest Countries in the World

The health of a country’s population depends on its safety, security, infrastructure, living conditions, medical advancements, and the environment. The healthiest nations are often those with developed economies, lower pollution levels, and access to high-quality healthcare and clean water. Poor countries are defined by their lack of social benefits: they may lack medical and educational infrastructures, housing, and public transportation. The ranking of the healthiest countries in the world is based on the most recent data obtained from the Bloomberg Global Health Index, World Population Review, and the World Health Organization. The Bloomberg Global Health Index uses many different criteria such as life expectancy and health risk factors (obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes).

Spain has trumped 169 nations to emerge as the healthiest and longest-living populace on the planet, followed by Italy, Iceland, Japan, and Switzerland. People in Spain eat a Mediterranean diet rich in omega-3, fats, and protein, which has been linked to a lower risk of dementia, heart disease, and cancer, placing Spain among the top five countries in terms of life expectancy and healthy living.

Top 10 Healthiest Countries in the World in 2023

  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. Iceland
  4. Japan
  5. Switzerland
  6. Sweden
  7. Australia
  8. Singapore
  9. Norway
  10. Israel

1. Spain (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 92.75)

Spain is 1st among the healthiest countries in the world with a score of 92.75. Citizens put an emphasis on freshness and locality when it comes to cuisine, with diets focused on olive oil, fresh vegetables, lean meats, and red wine. The Spanish love the simple joys of life and have a very easygoing lifestyle which helps their mental health too. They are equally very very active. Spanish people walk and exercise frequently, which helps to stimulate brain function and improve mental benefits. In addition, Spain’s universal healthcare program is very successful and has lowered the country’s rate of preventable deaths to 45.4 preventable deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

2. Italy (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 91.59)

Italy is one of the world’s healthiest countries with a score of 91.59, according to our source. Italian cuisine is among the greatest in the world, and food plays a significant role in the country’s culture. The majority of Italians, even in the country of pasta and pizza, maintain an active lifestyle and eat mostly vegetables. The high intake of fruit, vegetables, lean meat, legumes, fresh fish, and olive oil in the Italian diet improves cholesterol levels and general health. Italian babies may anticipate living into their seventies.

3. Iceland (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 91.44)

Iceland has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, with men’s life expectancy standing at 82 and women’s is 84. With a Bloomberg Global Health Index score of 91.44, the nordic country is one of the healthiest countries in the world. The country’s cuisine consists largely of fresh seafood and free-range meat. The long summers, incredible natural landscapes, and the popularity of outdoor activities definitely play in its favor.

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4. Japan (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 91.38)

Japan is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and also boasts a high life expectancy compared to other nations of the world. A third of Japan’s population is over the age of 65, making it the country with the oldest population in the world. Okinawans have low rates of cancer, heart disease, and dementia. The traditional cuisine of this Asian country mainly consists of rice, fish, vegetables, seaweed, Japanese pickles, and green tea. This undoubtedly is a major contributor to the longevity of its populace.

5. Switzerland (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 90.93)

There was no way this country will not make the top 10 list with its robust history of healthy eating habits and high work-life balance. Rightly deserved, Switzerland is ranked 5th on the list of the healthiest countries in the world with a score of 90.93.

The Swiss live long and affluent lives, although this is not entirely due to their diet. In fact, their main cultural foods—bread, cheese, sausage, and chocolate—are not very healthy. Rather, the Swiss stay healthy by staying active! In addition, the Swiss have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and the highest life expectancies (a whopping 84 years).

6. Sweden (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 90.24)

The average lifespan of a Swedish person is 82 years, only below Norway’s 83 years in the Nordic region. People often consume large quantities of vegetables, rye bread, and the right types of fatty fish, all of which offer considerable health benefits. Additionally, the nation has one of the top healthcare systems in the world, as well as a favorable work-life balance. According to Culture Trip, about 30% of individuals who live in cities frequently cycle to and from work, and 50% of people love daily lengthy walks. In fact, the lifestyle in Sweden prioritizes well-being over stress.

7. Australia (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 89.75)

In an effort to improve the health status of its citizens, the  Australian government has implemented policies that identify areas of the healthcare system that require improvement and provide a framework for a strong, long-lasting healthcare system. Australia also offers access to clean water, air, and sanitary facilities, as well as outdoor activities that allow for natural contact, therefore it deserves of a place on this list.

While obesity continues to be a serious (and growing) problem, citizens have equal access to health care. Australia also provides clean water, air, and sanitation, as well as outdoor activities that involve contact with nature, so it does deserve a seat at the table!

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8. Singapore (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 89.29)

With a life expectancy of more than 82 years, Singapore is one of the healthiest countries in Asia. Investments in cheap, high-quality healthcare and the dedication of healthcare professionals have resulted in tremendous advances in the lives of the residents. Smoking rates are low, deaths by heart disease continue to decrease, and 90% of households live within a 10-minute walk from a park.

9. Norway (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 89.09)

Norway makes its debut in this year’s list thanks to clean air and water, high life expectancies (83 years), and low homicide rates (0.4 percent, compared to the world average of 3.7). The active Norwegian lifestyle and a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids all contribute to Norway’s outstanding healthy lifestyle.

In addition, Norwegians tend to drink less alcohol than people in their surrounding nations do, and they rarely order junk food.

10. Israel (Bloomberg Global Health Index score: 88.15)

Israel has the lowest number of diet-related deaths (high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, etc.) in the entire world. Diets of Israelis actually improve with age, with adults in their 50s and 60s eating the healthiest foods. Alcohol consumption is moderate in the country, compared to other nations of the world. Israel has a diet rich in vegetables, fish, and unsaturated fat—which clearly pays off.

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