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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in the UK

Cheapest car insurance companies in the UK

Numerous businesses offer various types of coverage, making the world of car insurance complicated. Since there isn’t much free price information available, it might be challenging to know where to seek a reliable rate. To help you get a sense of what you might expect to pay, we’ll attempt to summarize the car insurance companies in the UK that offer the cheapest rates.

Why You Need a Car Insurance Company in the UK

There are many reasons why you need car insurance in the UK. First, it could be extremely expensive to pay the costs of any damage that might happen while driving without insurance. Also, it’s illegal to drive without car insurance in the UK. So, different types of car insurance give you different levels of coverage and extras.

Different Types of Car Insurance Companies in the UK

There are different types of car insurance in the UK. These include:

Third-Party car insurance

This is the minimum amount of coverage you need in order to legally drive within the UK. It covers damage or injuries caused to other people and does not cover personal injury costs or repairs for your car.

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Third-Party, Fire, and Theft

In addition to covering the cost of damage caused to other people, it also includes any damage your car gets from fire or theft.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive car insurance gives you the most complete coverage possible. It includes third-party, fire, and theft insurance and protection for you and your vehicle. Each comprehensive policy is a little different, so it’s worth checking what compensation you’re entitled to in the event of an accident.

List of the Top Cheapest UK Car Insurance Providers

The majority of insurers are underwritten by the top 10 largest auto insurance firms. Several vehicle insurance providers stand out for their effective integration of positive client feedback and features. Based on surveys on how complaints are handled, how much trust customers have in the business, and market share, here is what we discovered.

Top Most Cheapest Car Insurance   Companies in the UK Quote Market Share Customers Recommendation
AXA £897.09 6.1% 82%
ADMIRAL £719.04 14% 79%
DIRECT LINE N/A 10.8% 84%
AVIVA N/A 10.5% 85%
DIAMOND £724.64 N/A 73%
LV= £1000.25 5.8% 81%
ESURE £679.00 4.2%  75%
ELEPHANT £992.32 N/A 75%

1. AXA

AXA is one of the cheapest car insurance companies in the Uk and offers affordable and comprehensive auto insurance coverages for a variety of different types of vehicles from Land Rover to 4x4s. They settle 99.7% of automobile insurance claims. By including the services, you desire, you can construct your own unique insurance plan.

AXA’s auto insurance has comprehensive coverage for theft, fire, and third party. They settle 99.7% of automobile insurance claims.


Admiral is the biggest car insurance company in the UK. They offer simple and economical online car insurance plans. In addition, they provide you with a car use while yours is being repaired after an accident. A 24-hour emergency helpline and personal belongings cover for goods stolen or damaged to your car.


The Direct Line Group owns Churchill, Darwin, and Privilege automobile insurance brands. The Direct Line brand accounted for about two-thirds of the group’s sales in 2020. In comparison to the PCW brands, the primary “Direct Line” brand offers significantly better benefits. A few distinctive offerings from Direct Line include safeguarding your no-claim bonus on no-fault claims.


Aviva has been named General Insurer of the Year at the British Insurance Awards. UK motor customers can now initiate and complete their claims online without ever having to interact with an underwriter. More than 50% of personal lines direct customers use more than one Aviva general insurance policy. When you cover multiple vehicles with Aviva, you receive a 10% discount.

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Diamon is owned by the Admiral Group, one of the UK’s largest private hire companies. There is no provision for accommodation or onward travel following an accident, similar to Elephant but cancellation fees are greater. It is geared toward ladies and cautious drivers.


Churchill is one of the Direct Line Group’s “cheap” brands (along with Privilege). Direct Line sells 28.1% of its premiums through price comparison websites under the Churchill and Privilege brands. The company frequently offers the lowest quote at Money supermarket. Churchill insurance can be obtained directly from the business or from numerous comparison websites (but not yet via our partner, QuoteZone).

7. LV=

LV= is a mutual society that is formerly known as Liverpool Victoria, is owned by its members, and has no shareholders. It appears to be satisfying the needs of its auto insurance market, as evidenced by its fourth-place showing here and third-place in 2018. A strong set of ratings practically everywhere this year shows that LV= impresses in most areas, with the claims and purchase processes being rated as being incredibly simple.


One of Aviva’s less expensive vehicle insurance brands is Quotemehappy. Despite the low cost, drivers still receive several attractive extras like legal and windscreen coverage as part of their plans. Despite the fact that it is an internet company without a call center, customers give their experiences there very high ratings. This reflects the sales process more so than the claims process.


Esure was a pioneer in providing simplified car insurance buying over the Internet when it was established in 2000. At its UK-based claim centers, Esure employs over 700 specialists to manage claims. On comparison websites, the Sheilas’ Wheels brand of Esure is also present. The rates are typically very similar to those of the Esure-branded quotes.


Elephant, another Admiral Group brand, is designed to appeal to a more budget-conscious customer base. The premiums may be a little lower but there is no accommodation or onward transport in the event of an accident. It is promoted as a low-cost choice with a few optional extras, including a key cover or personal belongings storage.

How to locate the ideal car insurance provider for you

The amount of excess you’re willing to pay or a change to your employment role might have a significant impact on your car insurance prices. In our tutorial, we go into further detail on how premiums are determined. The secret is to choose the best cover level, together with exceptional service, at the lowest possible cost.

Comparing laws: The same level of coverage may be available from different insurers for vastly varying costs. Shop around and compare quotes from as many suppliers as you can to get the best deal for you. Compare all of your options because comprehensive coverage might occasionally be less expensive than a third party.

If your quotes are too high, consider a higher excess: The amount you would have to pay toward any claim before your insurer would make a payment is known as an excess. Your insurance company will consider you less likely to file a claim if you voluntarily raise your excess, which will help lower the cost of your premium.

Consider different options, such as pay-as-you-go cover: Pay-as-you-go coverage is provided by some companies, such as By Miles. People who don’t drive much and don’t want to pay for annual coverage will benefit from this.

Review your provider’s quote every year: Some people can save hundreds of pounds by switching or trying to haggle with their insurer. It’s critical to compare shops a few weeks before your insurance begins when it comes time to renew.

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