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How to Become a Biomedical Engineer in Egypt


How to Become a Biomedical Engineer in Egypt

There are several other disciplines in the field of engineering you can embrace that after graduation, still play an active role in medicine and health. Medicine and Surgery is not the only aspect of medicine that is concerned with health. Some professionals assist in the development of pharmaceutical drugs, bio-compatible prostheses, imaging equipment, and other products that help the medical doctors with the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

These professionals integrate biology and physics to provide solutions to the numerous health challenges by creating artificial organs and medical diagnostic equipment. They take advantage of their engineering principles and apply the same in medicine. This has greatly added to the development of life-saving concepts and improvement of life.

Biomedical engineering is an interesting field and is highly lucrative. It is interesting to note that the journey to becoming a biomedical engineer begins from high school where you need to have a sound and strong foundation in mathematics, biology and physics.

What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical engineering is a multidisciplinary course that applies engineering, material and biology principles in medicine and health. They are involved in the creation of life-saving technologies and medical equipment that help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Biomedical Engineers provide solutions to problems and complications by applying the principles of engineering and biology to create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software used in healthcare. Biomedical engineering is a vastly lucrative discipline and is in high demand due to the continuous need for improved medical facilities and the global surge in health challenges.

There is a great sense of fulfilment preserving life and improving the quality of health. Biomedical engineering is a very fulfilling discipline. Biomedical engineers are often responsible for the preservation and improvement of quality of life for ailing patients, so the work can be quite fulfilling.

Due to the tasking nature of the work and the crucial role biomedical engineers play in healthcare delivery, there are peculiar qualities interested students in the field must possess to complete their education.

Traits of a Successful Biomedical Engineer

There are certain traits of character that you should possess if you aspire to become a biomedical engineer. Although there are certain traits that are common to all in the medical students, however, some of worthy of note to the biomedical engineers to complete their education.

  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Knowledge of science
  • Result oriented
  • Highly innovative
  • man-management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Technical ability
  • Numeracy
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytics
  • Ability to understand technical plans

What Biomedical Engineers DO

Basically, the responsibilities of biomedical engineers include:

  • designing biomedical equipment and device
  • designing and creating artificial organs for replacement of  body parts
  • installing, adjusting, maintaining, repairing, or providing technical support for biomedical equipment.
  • creating Surgical robots
  • carrying out kidney dialysis
  • carrying out advanced prosthetics
  • Designing new pharmaceutical drugs

How much does a Biomedical Engineer earn in Egypt?

A person working as a Biomedical Engineer in Egypt typically earns around 9,190 EGP per month. Salaries range from 4,500 EGP (lowest) to 14,300 EGP. Salary varies and is based on experience, age, sex, skills and location.

Career Options for Biomedical Engineers in Egypt

Biomedical engineers work in the biomedical industries such as Siemens, Amico, Alfuttaim, Global Medical Group, Giza systems, etc, Ministry of Health and Population, National Health Services. Biomedical engineers can also work as academics in universities.

Related Careers to Biomedical Engineering

Egyptian Universities that offer Biomedical Engineering

Here is the list of some Egyptian Universities that offer Biomedical Engineering:

  1. Alexandria University
  2. Cairo University
  3. Future University in Egypt
  4. Ains Shams University
  5. American University in Egypt
  6. Misr University of Science and Technology
  7. German University in Cairo
  8. British University in Egypt

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