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Challenges Faced by International Students in China


Challenges Faced by International Students in China

China is the most populous country in the world and is gaining popularity among international students; International students who want to pursue studies/research in areas in STEM such as engineering, nursing, information technology, etc. China boasts of universities such as Fudan University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, China University of Science and Technology, and so on. These institutions have a track record of excellence in innovation and research. Getting admission into a university in China can be relatively seamless as the process isn’t without its challenges.

The Chinese government encourages the growth of its education sector through favourable policies which tend to improve and attract investors. The result of which has been discoveries in research triggering innovations, growth and development of various sectors of the economy. The ancient imperial capital; the historical sites and buzzing cities within China trigger the adventurous persona in international students.

The challenges facing most international student in the country range from Language barrier, disparities in currency and cultural differences.

The cultural difference is one of the top challenges international students face while studying in China because the gap in culture is immensely wide. Approach to different cultures also differ. This could lead to misunderstandings if you are not open-minded. Adapting to the Chinese culture shouldn’t be difficult given the fun and dynamic nature of Chinese festivals and rites. Once you are open to embracing a new culture, this won’t be as difficult as you think.

Challenges Faced by International Students in Sweden

The quality and international standing of the Swedish education system needs no explanation, with Universities consistently ranked among the best in the world. The addition of one of its fine institutions would be an excellent addition to any student’s academic CV.

Sweden has long been an attractive destination for international students around the world. And while the introduction of tuition fees in 2011 was initially a setback for mobility, inbound exchanges in Sweden have increased in recent years, according to the 2017 progress report on Swedish universities’ higher education institutions.

Challenges Faced by International Students in Finland

Finland is one of the northernmost countries in the world and, although it is off the beaten track, this Nordic country is anything but island. Finland is the world leader in education, transparency, stability and saunas. But what makes Finland the ideal destination for an international student?

One can make a long list of why international students should choose Finland as their study abroad location. Ranging from its natural beauty, Finland’s geographic location, as well as its stunning landscape, makes it an ideal location for students wanting to study and explore.

Secondly, Its Vibrant International Community, with just under 5.5 million people the country has a diverse international community, and international students will find a warm welcome.

The Strong Local Culture, is something else, Finnish people may seem very reserved, but once you get to know them, you’ll find a warm, friendly population and cities full of life. Finns drink more coffee than any other people on earth.

In the midst of these, are challenges international still face when they are in this country. Most times these challenges are not different from other international study locations chief of which is racial discrimination in almost everything – house hunting, job finding, socialization, the list is on.

Here, Everyone Speaks English, which might pose a challenge to non-English speaking students. The weather is also extremely cold. Winter is the longest season in Finland, lasting for about 100 days in the year.


There are a few things that can impact you as a student if you’re studying abroad. If you follow the advice on this page, you can alleviate these problems for yourself. Preparation is key, so look into preparing yourself for these issues before you go abroad for your studies. 

Now that you are ready to anticipate common study abroad problems and take them in stride, you can focus on what is most important – having FUN. Enjoy your semester abroad!


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